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All 16 runners who fell at the Brooklyn Half Marathon were completely gutted

The 16 runners, including the ones who died during Saturday’s Brooklyn Half Marathon, were all tested positive for COVID-19.

New York Post informed of According to the event organization New York Road Runners Club and NYPD, Reichman, a fully vaccinated 32-year-old man, suddenly collapsed “after suffering a possible cardiac arrest.”

wildfire newsletter The report: “The 22,000-runner race — from the Brooklyn Museum to Prospect Park to the Coney Island Boardwalk — was held on an unseasonably hot and humid day,” the post added. “According to Fox Weather, the temperature in Coney Island at 9 a.m. was already 70 degrees with 83 percent humidity.”

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according to this daily Mail: “According to FDNY, sixteen people who took part in the 13.1-mile run were taken to hospital. Five had serious injuries, eight had non-life-threatening injuries and four had minor injuries.

The Brooklyn Half Marathon requires that participants be in peak physical condition and must conform to a rigorous pacing schedule.

RBC Brooklyn Half website “members of the NYRR Pace team will be on hand to guide participants toward specific target times over 13.1 miles.” states, “Pace team members will lead groups at various speeds between 6:06 per mile and 13:45 per mile (between a 1:20:00 finish and a 3:00:00 finish).”

All Brooklyn Half participants must declare that they have been vaccinated for COVID-19, the official websites clarify.

“All runners must be able to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to participate in the NYRR race,” the website states. “For more information, visit our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy page. Please stay up-to-date on the latest news and guidelines from CDC, WHO and your local and national officials.”

“The health and safety of our runners and employees remains a priority for the NYRR,” Brooklyn Half organizers said. “All NYRR staff shall practice social distancing and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you for your continued patience and support.”

The organizers of the Brooklyn Half did not require that runners wear masks. COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to carry a rare, but high risk of side effects; The side effects of heart inflammation have also been reported from the Kovid infection itself.

An Oxford University study previously showed that the risk of myocarditis, a form of inflammation of the heart, is greater from contracting the virus than from being ‘vaccinated’ with certain mRNA shots. the study was originally published in nature In December.

“Our findings are relevant to the public, clinicians and policy makers,” note the researchers. The study concluded, “First, there was an increased risk of myocarditis within one week of receiving the first dose of both adenovirus and mRNA vaccines, and there was an increased risk of higher risk after the second dose of both mRNA vaccines.”

Saturday’s death was the first death at the Brooklyn Half Race since 2014, with an unprecedented 16 runners having fallen or suffering from health problems. It is unknown how many Brooklyn Half runners suffered heart complications on an unusually hot and humid day in the Northeast in mid-May.

However, there is a disturbing tendency for athletes to suffer an alarming number of heart problems, despite being in extreme physical condition and not otherwise being at a statistically high risk of mortality from COVID-19. Coronavirus usually affects people who have underlying health conditionsHuh medically obeseand/or are elderly,

need to check Stories of athletes falling or dying at a young age. there is lots of wrong information About the subject, which stems from unknowns about a combination of patients’ medical histories and health conditions.

A sampling of relevant stories about athletes who have recently suffered from heart conditions that can be independently confirmed are listed below:

  • sergio aguero33, Bareilly’s star striker hospitalized after match for heart test
  • abu ali22, professional footballer fell on pitch during game
  • avi baroti29, Saurashtra cricketer suffered cardiac arrest, died
  • rune koghe18, Belgian footballer suffers heart attack on pitch
  • Helen EdwardsReferee removed from court during World Cup qualifiers due to heart problems
  • gente van zenechten25, footballer fell on the field due to heart attack
  • sienna knowles19, equestrian star hospitalized due to blood clots
  • Frederick LartilotFrench footballer falls in changing room, dies of heart attack after game
  • Dimitri Leonard33, FC Strasbourg midfielder fell during game
  • Greg Luisen22, Belgian pro cyclist ends career due to heart problems
  • antoine mechino31, French Triathlete Suffers From Pulmonary Embolism After Moderna
  • fabrice nscalla31, Besiktas’ defender fell on the pitch during the game
  • Pedro Obiang29, ex-West Ham star has myocarditis after being vaccinated
  • Luis OjedaUnexpected death of 20, Argentine football player
  • Emil Palson28, the Sognal midfielder collapsed due to cardiac arrest during the game
  • jens de smeto27, footballer had to sit on the field, died of heart attack
  • benjamin taft31, German footballer collapses after game, dies of heart attack

It is unknown whether specific players are vaccinated, as medical history is private information and cannot be disclosed without patient authorization. but US Sports League And european league Athletes to participate are forced to be vaccinated, making the chances of vaccination very high.

,[L]Egues like the NBA, NFL and MLS have rates over 90%, while the NHL and WNBA are over 99%.” ABC News reported About the Kovid vaccination in October. Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated reported in December that “68%” [Premier League’s] Players have been double vaccinated, with only 81 percent of them having at least one jab.”

While it is impossible to know whether the health status of Brooklyn Half runners is in any way linked to COVID vaccination, the unprecedented number of runners declining will warrant further scrutiny for requiring athletes to be vaccinated with mRNA shots that do not prevent the spread. stop. Coronaviruses offer very little benefit in any significant way and only to young people, especially those with prior infection and natural immunity to the latter.

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